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Why is Feedback Important?

Getting feedback from your patrons is not only important but one of the most imperative things you can do to improve your business. Consider it a tool to develop your operations. Often times, people will be polite and say nothing about your biz, other times they will Yelp it from the rooftops. You would think a bad review is something nobody wants, but this can be an opportunity for much needed change, especially for businesses just starting out or noticing a drop in sales.

There's always room for improvement even from the smallest biz to the largest, new or old.

Requesting feedback whether it's through social media, a survey, in person at your establishment, Google searches, etc. is going to help shine a light on what your customers really want from you. Just so you can see what we mean, here's an example from one of our Business Plan in a Day workshops, where we were given constructive feedback.

At the end of every workshop, our director Oliver asks for volunteers to provide feedback for the course. Cohorts are invited to give us the good, the bad, and even the ugly. As you heard, Brenda gave us some really great info that will help us improve for our next course. Adapting and learning is a plus for all of us!

So where do you ask for feedback you might ask? Well as we mentioned in some suggestions above, here's a more detailed breakdown of how to get it.

Survey Monkey- If you collect emails from your customers, perhaps send them a survey after they've used your service. Survey Monkey is a free online site that you can build custom surveys with.

Offer Discounts- If someone is willing to take the time to respond with a review, perhaps you can give them a discount on their next purchase as an incentive.

Swap Feedback- Ask your fellow business owner friends to swap feedback so you both win. Perhaps, from their perspective, you might learn something you never thought of before in your day-to-day operations.

Start A Yelp Page- As we said, nobody wants a bad Yelp review but the truth is, it's a great way to see where your strengths and weakness. Be sure to ask for positive or negative reviews as long as they're being honest. Don't forget to thank the reviewer when you get a notification!

Social Media- Everyone loves to give an opinion if it's a simple question they can comment on as they scroll. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all going to be platforms to ask simple Yes or No questions. You might even get more of a response then you intended if they want to explain their reasoning. "Did you like the new ___?"

"Do we provide enough ___?" for example.

LinkTree- Most of us are now using the free site, Linktree, to add multiple links to our social profiles. It's a great way to include direction to where you need your customers to refer to. You can add a survey to your Linktree then post regularly about your request for feedback in your bio. That will make the survey accessible around the clock!

Any way you choose to get results, it's just nice to give your customers a voice and a great way to stay connected to your business.

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