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What are people saying about Urban Biz?

We are grateful for our past attendees who have taken the time to speak about their experience with Urban Business Support. Our goal is to give you the tools to succeed in your business and hearing that it's helped in that journey is the highest compliment we can think of!

If you have considered joining us in our "Business Plan in a Day" workshop or maybe down the road would even like to try the Entrepreneurship Program, here's what some of our past attendees have said about it.

Thank you Rose of Momma Doula!

Thank you Benita of Adorned Abode!

Here's more detailed information regarding the Entrepreneurship Program from attendee and sugar artist, Verda-

“Showing up every week was really exciting for what you were

going to teach and also hearing the others talk.  As Rose talked about the balance sheet, I think that was one of the real big takeaways, and then also you taught us how to go after our target market.  I think that was so important.”

"You taught us and helped us and showed us that we can, using that spreadsheet, it makes it much easier to project to be more profitable and how to cut expenses here and there.  So, I think that was one of the really big things that came out of this.”

"Thank you to everyone.  I’m just really excited to spread the word which I have been doing and I love the thing of keeping accountable, that’s sometimes where I need assistance because I can put myself aside too often."

We hope to see you in one of our workshops if you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or thinking of starting your own business. Please feel free to click the services option above for more information on the different programs we provide!

Thanks for viewing! -Urban Biz Media Team

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