• Oliver Scott

The Community Market Brings Truthsgiving

Local small businesses are invited to volunteer their space, their social media pages, and/or their websites to help bring awareness to Indigenous & Black-Owned businesses in the Tacoma/Pierce County areas during the week of Thanksgiving, also known as Truthsgiving. Deadlines to sign up are Nov.11th.

The Community Market also invites the community to re-think how we celebrate this holiday.

Via DoSomething.org

"As you celebrate Thanksgiving by feasting with family, watching the parade, and going back for seconds (...or thirds), there are also some simple, impactful things you can do to help combat Native erasure this holiday"

This informative post is packed full of videos, stories, and examples as to how you can learn about Indigenous culture in our history and what you can do to take part.

This area will be updated as we get in the businesses that are participating in the event.

For more information, sign-up for updates, or questions you can visit:

The Community Market

on Facebook & Instagram

Learn more about them here

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