• Oliver Scott

Tacoma Entrepreneurs Join Forces

The thrift and flea market game in Tacoma is strong.

Something noticeably stands out from other cities nearby like Portland or Seattle, and that is the variety of vendors literally covers every single thing one could be into. At every outdoor market or thrift-con we've been to in Tacoma, the variety takes you from vintage men's t-shirts and hats, upcycled tie-dyed band tees, homeopathic goods, locally crafted baths and body care, and designer brand sneakers for the most collectory of collectors. That's barely scratching the surface too.

On top of that, the support local vendors give to each other is evident. Everyone works together to promote the collective hustle and it's a really cool thing to see happening in a city that has extraordinarily stuck together especially during this challenging time.

Never Heard is actively involved in the Flea Market world, promoting local vendors by offering a rotating pop-up, and hosting events around Tacoma.

We popped by yesterday in the late evening to check it out and get some pics, and the guys that were set up said they decided to stay open past normal store hours considering they were located right in the walking path of bars and restaurants in the area. They also let us know about the event going on at Jazzbones on the 13th that includes over twenty different vendors from the surrounding areas. (See flyer above)

These guys will be returning on a regular basis so if you like vintage tees and men's apparel you can catch them again, it's hard to miss when you drive down 6th Ave, just look for the t-shirts swaying in the breeze off the awnings.

Neverheard also has opened a collaborative photography studio for creatives in the area to utilize for projects and if in need of sharing an event space.

They will be hosting a Grand Opening this weekend so if you live in the area and want to connect with others artists and photographers, this is a great place to do it!

Be sure to follow these vendors to stay connected to all things happening in the area and see you at the Flea Markets!

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