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Social Distancing in Tacoma Markets

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Slowly but surely we are seeing some of the familiar returning to our city as more curbside store pick up options are becoming available and phases are rolling out. It even seems the roads are buzzing with more cars this past week.

Yet, is it even Spring without the Tacoma Farmers Markets open for strolling local fare?

It was a comfort to see the market open this past Thursday so we popped down to see how it was adjusting to Social Distancing.

First thing you'll notice when approaching the market, is there's only one way in with someone up front making sure there's a limit to how many walk the market at a time. It's recommended to not linger too long, or sit to eat to ensure social distancing is manageable.

It was no problem to take this giant loaded baked potato to go, probably for the best as it's so delicious you have to remember to come up for air and nobody needs to witness the devouring that ensued.

The vendors were wearing masks and there was a table or divider in front of every booth to ensure you are within a specific distance from each other.

Masks are mandatory for everyone in the market with the exception of those who have a medical condition that prevents it possible or children under 2 years old.

You will still find the lovely food you typically see in the market, from popcorn to poke, grilled cheese sandwiches, and smoothies.

The magic mushroom tea from Adam's Mushrooms is said to have healing properties to help aid in boosting your immune system. In a time like these it was an especially good idea to take a GIANT bag home and let steep overnight.

Here's a few more vendors you can catch at the market. It takes place mostly every Thursday on Broadway but we recommend checking their website as it can also be held on other days/locations in Tacoma.

The local farmer's markets are a great way to show your support to small businesses, network, and give back to your community. Maybe check them out the next afternoon you have a chance to, and be sure to shop safely and considerate of others.


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