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Small Business Success: Mask Makers

If you're a designer and you can sew well, is it a good idea that you become a mask maker in 2020? Well for these five small businesses from across the states, they've proven that if you want to adjust to the current climate, mask making is a lucrative opportunity and one could have a successful micro-business on their hands while contributing to the health and safety of others.

Tex Style Shop

Samilia Colar, owner and designer of Texstyle out of Memphis says she was inspired to make masks when the pandemic first hit because it was impossible to find masks to buy. Her masks reflect unique textiles and color parings making them a true one of a kind design as well as a chic label on the side. Samilia gave us some insight as to how she branched out from her usual handbags and scarves, to the world of face protectors-

"Everyone was home. I was home. And with some encouragement from family and a friend, I used my handbag construction skills to create a facemask pattern with good fit and high comfort. I love how with masks, I can use pieces of fabric that may be too small for bags or other projects, so overall there is less waste. These masks are keeping us safe; all Texstyle masks come in adult and kids sizes. I’m passionate about making thoughtfully functional, beautiful accessories that connect us and enrich community culture." 

Samilia said she is excited about working on a new bag for the Holidays so stay tuned to her shop here for that launch and show your support/give her a follow on Instagram

Photos courtesy of Tex Style Shop

Maskmaker Maskmaker

If you can see this mask you're close enough.

Mother and Daughter duo Denise and Kelly out of Durham, NC joined forces in spring of 2020 to form Maskmaker Maskmaker, yup you guessed it, just like the 1964 musical "Fiddler on the Roof" after Kelly's husband jokingly started singing the song with a play on words. They have adult and kids masks in their shop with an abundance of patterns and colors to choose from. Seriously, every personality can find a mask they'll love.

"Against the backdrop of Denise's massive fabric stash of unfinished sewing projects--which loomed not quite as high as the unemployment rate--an idea materialized. Denise tirelessly engineered masks, researching, ironing, and sewing way past her bedtime multiple nights in a row to construct the perfect mask. She also demonstrated what we call "pleasantly persistent" in encouraging Kelly to pick up sewing again. Once they finally put their heads together, mask orders from neighbors and friends veritably flew out of their two sewing machines, first in Chesapeake VA, then in Old West Durham, NC."

The pic above is an example of one of their wholesale orders. No big deal, just 300 masks the gals made in 4 days! You can shop their shop here and feel free to follow them on Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Maskmaker Maskmaker

Bad Juju Mask

BadJuju Mask on Etsy, made by the traveling hubby duo, Julian and Milo, is a landing spot for masks that will stand out. Crave a creepy IT Clown smile? Fancy a Freddy Kruger grin? Or our personal favorite, the Mayor from the Nightmare Before Christmas with an interchangable frown to a smile.

These two have put so much thought and creativity into their masks, it'd be impossible to choose just one. They do custom orders as well as bulk, which you can shop here. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for their new releases, who knows what they'll think of next. Perhaps they'll put your pet's face on a mask!

Photos courtesy of Bad Juju Mask

Cool Critters

When Jess Sheeran isn't making "Cool Critters" she's branched out her sewing wizardry to mask making. Right now you'll find some really fun Halloween style masks, including the popular vampire teeth one or the golden cobwebs on her Etsy shop. We'd honestly rock those year-round!

In the brief time we were on Etsy to get some info from her store, you can visibly see how many masks were in shopper's baskets. Jess must be working her fingers to the bone!

You can visit her shop here (grab a critter too) and follow/support her on Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Cool Critters

Rachel Jayson

Rachel Jayson just oozes art and creativity. She's actually a musician among many other talents but her page caught our eye with bright matching colors and a creative twist on how to rock a mask with every outfit. When she isn't playing the violin for Jaggery or Army of Toys, you might just be able to catch her side-hustle which just so happens to be homemade masks available for purchase on her Instagram. Don't you just want the entire outfit?!

To catch them for sale just go to her Instagram here and give her a follow/support too!

Photos courtesy of Rachel Jayson

Thank you to all the mask-makers that were down to participate in our blog tribute to the trade. Another huge thanks for keeping us covered in a pandemic, literally!

-Seanna Sutton

Contributing blogger for Urban Business Support

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