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Small Biz Spotlight: Six Indigenous/POC Owned Businesses

Just in case you missed it on our social media posts last week, we wanted to have a landing spot for all of those we featured in the Truthsgiving event in collaboration with The Community Market last week. We were paired with six Indigenous/POC owned small businesses in the Pierce County area to bring focus to these entrepreneurs and give our support by featuring them on our social platforms for the entire week. It was amazing to see fellow businesses in Tacoma, liking, sharing, commenting, and re-posting each other in honor of these small businesses. It was inspiring to see everyone working together and we're so happy to have been a part of it! Below you will find the information about each one and links to their websites, shops, and Instagram pages.

The Multifaceted Matriarch

Brandi Douglas

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FUKU Apparel


Shop FUKU here

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Speakthunder Galleries

Speakthunder Berry

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Black Panther Party WA

Zuarel Blue

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Spoken Word/Poetry/Art

AJ The Wordsmith

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Water Filtration Machines/Coach/Mentor

Thrett Brown

Associated Websites:




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Thanks again to The Community Market for hosting such an epic event that brought so many in the community together, we are absolutely thrilled to have been a part of it.

-Urban Biz Team

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