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New Biz Spotlight on 6th Ave- Komadre Kombucha

If you live in Tacoma you might have noticed when making your way down 6th Ave, a bright new storefront has popped up next to The Red Hot. Komadre Kombucha, a "kombucha taproom" is the latest addition to the block and to say the crew at Urban Biz is excited about it, is an understatement.

Owner and operator, Julie Davidson is a business-savvy entrepreneur of Central American and Caribbean heritage. Her intentions are to connect within the community as a local small business owner, seeking collaborations with bakers, makers, and other Latinx/POC small businesses in and around Tacoma to uplift other women and people of color/Latinx.

Julie started her own mother culture in a little glass jar and "married it with her favorite fresh-pressed juice ingredients. Fueled by her quest for greater vitality and a passion for creating community, she decided to share her sparkly tropical concoctions with friends and neighbors…and today she’s sharing them with the 253." -via their website

Kombucha has many health benefits including helping stabilize your gut, killing bad bacteria, and clearing out toxins. It's also a healthy alternative if trying to cut out or drink less alcohol or sodas, and they have it on TAP. Forget champagne for Sunday brunch, hello booch! What an ideal way to reset for Monday the right way.

One extremely innovative feature they're offering is a subscription service. There's a one-time, three-month, and one-month membership of various prices and they deliver it right to your doorstep. Now that's some forward-thinking to stay connected to the community!

Komadre has typically been seen selling out of the Tacoma Farmers Markets but has settled its roots in a brick-and-mortar location on the convenient strip that is Tacoma's bustling 6th Avenue, and will be hosting a grand opening celebration this weekend, Saturday May, 29th. Be sure to pop in and grab a draft, enter their giveaway, and share on your social to help spread the word!

Welcome to the neighborhood Komadre Kombucha!

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