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It's Not JUST a Coffee Shop

In the Beacon Hill suburb of Seattle, this coffee shop brings together the surrounding community, giving people from all walks of life a place to feel welcome for over a decade. Owners Luis & Leona Moore- Rodriguez employ POC, queer & trans artists in their South End small biz.

The Station isn't just a place to get a warm cup, it's a positive vibe.

Their family has been consistently helping others, actively working with their neighborhood, collaborating with fellow businesses, providing for the homeless, supplying lunch for kids, and helping those in need find a warm meal. When asked who they hire, Luis said:

"The people I want to hire have always been people that don't get hired anywhere else: transgender people, black women. Those are the people I want to hire because those are our people."

They just recently received the Roberto Maestas Legacy Award. This is an honor that recognizes those who work in building their community.

Before 2020, they hosted an annual block party in the summer featuring local POC artists, bringing the people of Beacon Hill together to celebrate. This one below is from the 2016 festival.

A couple of weeks ago, Luis and Leonna had to make the hard decision to set up a GoFundMe and ask for help. The pandemic has given a tough blow to our locally owned small businesses and they need our us now more than ever.

In their post,

"The Station usually asks for help for other people and we try to collaborate with organizations to help folks who are struggling in life, but unfortunately we never help ourselves"

Instagram account "Vanishing Seattle" shared this news on their page too, receiving over 1K likes and is what caught our attention. We found their story hits home for UBiz, because as if the threat of gentrification for small businesses BEFORE Covid wasn't enough already, funds are running out during a pandemic. This is exactly why we do these workshops, to see small businesses make it through these challenges, and with the hope that even a handful will be armed with more tools to thrive.

Each small business isn't just a building with a service to provide, it's a family, it's a community, blood, sweat, and tears.

If you'd like to help The Station, not only is going there and supporting as a patron helpful, you can also go to their Go Fund Me (above linked) or donate through Venmo below. This truly is the time where we have to join forces and help each other.

Support local, shop local, donate local, eat local.

Photos courtesy of The Station

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