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5 Ways Small Businesses Help Communities

We're oftentimes saying we want to shop local and then we find ourselves still heading to Target or Wally World for our errands as we make excuses that we don't have time. So, what is it that inspires one to shop their local small businesses?

Well, we made a list of 5 reasons why we should think twice about where to buy that next birthday gift or where to get some delish local dinner.

Community Support

Small biz owners are more inclined to get involved with their own community, as a large portion of their success is impacted by mutual support of their peers.

Charity events, sponsorships, shelters, and non-profits are likely to see significant support from your local business owners.

Quality of Life

With each small business opened, that's a handful fewer cars on the interstates stuck in traffic. For employees, it's shortening commutes and easing time spent away from family, a major stress factor in the life of daily drivers working in larger nearby cities.

Good for the Environment

Small businesses are typically on the same walk as other shops and restaurants. Pedestrians can run multiple errands in one-stop rather than racing around from one end of town to another. It encourages walking, biking, and public transit, cutting back on pollution.

Economy Boost

Shopping local allows for profit to boost back into the community. It's a domino effect of support to each other keeping economic development recycling within your own town rather than the building of large chains.

One of a Kind

Small businesses will have products, services, and food items you can't get anywhere else. Most of what they sell is made locally, creating a one of a kind opportunity for gifts, or a unique way to impress your visiting friends and family for a more memorable experience.

Those are just a few tidbits we thought we'd share. Maybe next time we go out to run some errands, we remember to include our local store owners that are giving back to the community in so many ways.

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