Advanced Mentor Program

Urban Business Support employs the curriculum developed, implemented, and licensed by Centro Community Partners in Oakland, California. The 14-week Advanced Mentor Program is designed for small business entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their businesses. Currently, the program is aimed at businesses in gentrifying communities in the Seattle-Tacoma region.



  • 36 hours of in-class training on advanced business competencies, credit health, and professional development

  • 80 to 100 hours of one-on-one business advisory support

  • Two opportunities to join each year: Spring and Fall intake

Each entrepreneur is paired with a business student trained through Centro's MBA Advisor Program. Together, they create a robust and fundable business plan with financial projections, a credit improvement plan, and a professional development plan. View the roadmap they complete together to accomplish this goal.  



  • Gain advanced knowledge of business concepts and analysis techniques

  • Create a robust business plan

  • Learn about professional and leadership development

  • Receive close, tailored and professional business advice from an MBA Advisor and an Urban Business Support team member

  • Improve your credit score and gain tools to manage personal and business credit

  • Work in a small group with other entrepreneurs and MBA Advisors

  • Broaden your professional network

  • Build community leadership skills


All applications are carefully reviewed and considered prior to our interview process. We seek participants who:

  • Can show initial sales of their product or service

  • Display a genuine dedication to staying in the neighborhood and doing what it takes to grow the business

  • Are able to truthfully commit to 10+ hours of course-related work every week for 14 weeks

  • Can attend weekly classes

  • Exhibit coachability- the willingness, desire, and ability to challenge old ideas and learn new ones 

  • Seek profit AND social benefit to their community


How to Apply

Urban Business Support is offering the next 14-Week Advanced Entrepreneurship Program in the fall of 2019. Our admissions process works on a rolling basis, so we welcome applications anytime for the next available intake.