Entrepreneurship Program

Urban Business Support employs the curriculum developed, implemented, and licensed by Centro Community Partners in Oakland, California. The Basic Business Training Program is an in-person, 10-week course for business owners with no formal business education who need help adapting to gentrification. The program mirrors Centro's Business Planning App - our flagship tool to help small businesses in gentrifying neighborhoods adapt, survive, and grow in the new marketplace emerging around them.



  • 30 hours of in-class training on basic business competencies

  • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching with one of our experienced business trainers

  • Learn and gain live feedback within a cohort of 6 to 10 diverse entrepreneurs

  • Delivered using Centro's Business Planning App

  • Led by a facilitator trained to enrich in class discussion, encourage 360 feedback, and foster critical thinking



  • Gain basic knowledge of business concepts

  • Create a basic business plan and presentation

  • Work in collaboration with a small group of other local entrepreneurs

  • Broaden your professional network

  • Build community leadership skills



  • Can show sales of their product or service

  • Display a genuine dedication to staying in the neighborhood and doing what it takes to grow the business

  • Are able to truthfully commit to 3-4 hours of course-related work every week for 10 weeks

  • Can attend weekly classes

  • Exhibit coachability- the willingness, desire, and ability to challenge old ideas and learn new ones 

  • Seek profit AND social benefit to your community


The program is intended for graduates of the Business Plan in a Day. The cost of the 10 classes, including a Financial Literacy module is free. There is, however, an enrollment deposit returned upon completion of the course. 

Business Plan Training for Entrepreneurs in Developing Neighborhoods

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Our curriculum was developed, implemented, and licensed by Centro Community Partners in Oakland, California.